Pinhole Camera

For this project, we used handmade pinhole cameras to take all of our images. We used silver gell paper and developed the images in a dark room.

ray_C_Pinhole_Hand Colored_JPEG.jpg

This was the first successful pinhole image I took. I believe that the coloring in the image allows for the viewer to more easily see the details of not only the figure but also the background

This was my favorite project of the entire semester in photo class, especially, when we got to make our cameras. It was cool to see a camera that I made take pictures like a professionally made device. My favorite image I edited was the final one on this page. The assignment for this image was to apply a vignette. I believe that although the vignette does add a lot to the image, the contrast between the light around the figure and the light of the world around him is very interesting.

This was the second successful pinhole image I took. I enjoy the contrast between the figure and background, and also the reflection in the glass behind the figure. I believe this reflection adds another interesting dimension to the photo.


This was the third successful pinhole image that I took. In this image, I enjoy the brightness surrounding the figure compared to the darkness of their surroundings. I believe this image allows for a lot of interpretation from its audience